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Posted By Maree Mondello  
23:25 PM

Are you concerned about skin changes and breakouts during this self isolation? Here's a quick checklist to make sure you are doing everything you can to avoid "iso-skin."

1 Maintain a healthy diet.

    A diet rich in essential fats and low in complex carbs and refined sugars will prevent inflammation.

Drink lots of water.

    Stay hydrated!

Reduce alcohol consumption.

    Alcohol = inflammation = breakouts.


    Get moving! This will increase endorphins and lymphatic flow so you look and feel great. Don't forget your SPF.


    Relax and de-stress!

Maintain a regular skincare routine. 

    Now is not the time to slack off!

Use active ingredients.

    Supercharge your skin with antioxidants to protect the skin from blue light screen exposure.

Make sure the products you are currently using are working for you right now.

    Book a virtual skin consult with one of our experts to identify and address changes before they become a problem.

Get regular sleep.

   Night time is when our skin regenerates and renews.

10 Stay connected. 

   Establish new and creative ways to stay connected to family and friends. Remember we are all in this together.